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At a time when many in our city have abandoned or otherwise lost hope in innovative solutions to cure our societal ills, we are pleased to announce the launch of United Training and Employment Center, Inc. (UTEC). UTEC is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit career development, school referral and job placement agency with a mission and vision to:

Work with proven academic institutions in providing job skills, training and support for retirees, parolees and those who seem to be inextricably tied to the public system.

Empower and enrich the lives of Armed Forces Veterans returning home, and the so-called "Underserved Population" by providing job skills, training and support for those who seem to be disenfranchised from the labor force for various socioeconomic reasons.

Add skill training and job placement to the services provided by the Department of Human Services (Social Services), Department of Corrections (Parole and Probation) and the many Senior Citizen Agencies.

Be the answer to the 'Crime Rate Rise' in our society by: 
“Replacing 'guns and drugs' with 'pencils, books and JOBS“

UTEC in partnership with skill training facilities that prepare students for employment in most fields, represents the ‘One Stop Station’ approach needed to compliment and insure the success of President Obama’s Stimulus Plan to create jobs. Your participation enhances the likelihood that this concept will be replicated in other jurisdictions nationwide.


Clayton Roberts, Pres. USAF Rtd.
United Training and Employment Center, Inc.
Website: www.utecworks.net
Email: uteccr@verizon.net
Office phone: 301 449-4499



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